Wednesday, 31 July 2013

The Benefits Of Naturist Massage

According to Wikipedia naturism or nudism is a cultural and political movement advocating and defending social nudity in private and in public. It may also refer to a lifestyle based on personal, family and/or social nudism.

You do not need to be politically engaged or favor the naturism philosophy to enjoy a naturist or nudist massage. I believe that when you are a broadminded individual and have a preference for a body massage, you may as well enjoy a naturist massage.

Although massage in general is relaxing, healthy and stress releasing, a naturist massage takes the whole treatment to a higher level, resulting in an extremely pleasurable experience.

What is a naturist massage?
A naturist or nudist massage is practiced totally nude; both the client and the masseuse or masseur are totally naked. This helps both the receiver of the massage (customer) and the masseuse to be on a more equal level, making the massage more relaxing and beneficial.

I do not want to be a hypocrite here… of course the atmosphere becomes sensual and erotic when two persons are fully nude and one is touched by the other. But that is exactly the purpose of the naturist massage. To relax, be gently touched and be sensually stimulated; to create a continuous flow of sexual energy to cleanse the receiver’s body.

Sensuality and human touch are considered to have a great stress relieving effect. So when you regularly treat yourself to a relaxing body massage, why not take your relaxation to a higher level with a naturist massage.
Naturist or nudist massage is very popular; especially in London and the UK.

A great advantage of naturist massage is that the masseuse can reach every part of her customer’s body, leaving no place untouched. The intimate body parts are very receptive to stress. When the customer is fully nude, the masseuse can easily reach out and touch every stressed area. And as the masseuse herself is also fully nude, she can transfer the sexual energy of her whole body onto the customer.

Those who have already experienced body-to-body massage performed  by a naked masseuse, know exactly the sensations I am talking about: your whole body becomes relaxed and soft. You feel shivers along your spine; unknown sensations in every body part. A sensational feeling of intense warmth and pleasure comes over you. You completely surrender to this feeling and you want your masseuse to go on forever.

Yes of course this is sensual; highly erotic even. For me nothing beats the sensations of a naked female body crawling all over you.
In body-to-body massage the masseuse usually uses warm oil. Her warm and sexy body crawls all over you. Her breasts touch your skin, your belly, your hardness becomes unbearable. You do not want that to stop!

I soo love naturist massage and body2body massage!

To find a provider of naturist massage in London, go to a search engine like google or bing and search for naturist massage London or type in nudist massage London. You will find quite a number of massage providers whether for incall or outcall naturist or nudist massage in the Greater London area.

Naturally my all-time favorite agency Carezzia London is also listed in the top 10 of these results.

I have had a number of amazing and mind-blowing body2body massages from most of their masseuses, who are all skilled in this hot, expert sensual treatment. Gina and Jasmin were great, but Lillian probably gave me the best b2b in London I ever had.

Talking about body2body massage in London, I think I book myself a session tonight. I feel I deserve it. Besides, it’s holiday, so time to relax and you only live once!

Thursday, 4 July 2013

NURU Massage? Go Tokyo!

As you may have understood by now, I lurv anything massage and I love to try out new massages, and new massage techniques.

One of those new massages that have been advertised heavily over the past few years is NURU massage. Essentially a NURU massage is similar to a conventional, but oh so sensual body-to-body massage.

The difference is the product used for this highly erotic slipping and sliding treatment.

Where a classic B2B massage uses warm oil, often baby oil is used, in NURU massage a special gel, based on seaweed is used to create the wet gliding experience.

Some seven years ago I enjoyed my first body-to-body massage from Josephine, one of the best masseuses at London’s first agency for outcall massage, Carezzia.

This gorgeous masseuse, a real Pearl form the Caribbean used to be a professional therapeutic masseuse, but had decided to explore her sensual side by working in outcall massage in London. Man was I lucky?!

Since then, I seldom have had a better body-to-body massage and often think back of this amazingly beautiful, skilled and sensual masseuse.
Oh Josephine – I wish you was still around…A few years ago my travels took me to Japan and in the inflight magazine I found an ad for ‘personal massage with seaweed gel’.

To make a long story short – I went to that Japanese massage Parlour in Tokyo and did try this very personal massage; it was called a NURU massage. And it was absolutely great! I went back the following day to repeat the sensation; and it was just as great.

It was very sensual, very erotic, and surely a very good experience, but I was not convinced if this kind of erotic massage was any better than the body2body massages offered in Europe and the USA.

Over the years in London and Paris I enjoyed many erotic and Tantric massages – every time with a B2B massage, short for body-to-body massage. The masseuses always used good oil to create a wet and gliding sensation, which is the basis for the arousing effect this kind of massage has.

And when I thought of the NURU massages I had experienced in Tokyo, I did actually like the traditional body-body massage much, much more.

For me, there is just more sensuality and erotic sensations in this slippery, wet body covered in greasy oil crawling over me. It feels more personal and intense. The relaxation I get from such an oily B2B massage is for me much deeper than any NURU massage.|

I do admit – last year I tried twice a NURU massage in London from two different and a less known outcall massage services; I just wanted to feel something different.

And though these masseuses did a good job, the advertised NURU massage was not the real thing as I had experienced it in Tokyo. Both girls used Johnson baby oil – and that my friends, is far from seaweed.

When I asked if they did not have gel, the first masseuse replied that it was difficult to bring the gel and the other told me she had run out of gel and needed to improvise. Long story short, not only did I feel screwed; I also decided that if I would want a Japanese NURU massage, I would only get a good one in Tokyo.

Again, I do not think NURU massage is much different than a conventional and properly executed nude body-body massage; so for me there is no need to go to Tokyo. 

So when I am in London or Paris, I just like to book myself a tantric massage that incorporates a proper body-to-body massage, with oil – for the best, sensations on my nude skin.

I simply get a higher sensual feeling from a masseuse’s nude body that crawls over mine. Greasy oil gives you that special, slippery sensation that gel doesn’t.

So for me the thing is clear: body-to-body massage with oil is the real thing.

Nevertheless, if you like to try out a NURU massage in London or Paris, be my guest, but don’t be surprised if the treatment turns out to be just another nude body-body massage – with oil! 

Need Nuru massage? Go Tokyo!

Sunday, 30 June 2013

Nude Massage In The Woods Of London

Yesterday I was at Gatwick, playing with my iPhone to kill time – 3 hours delay! I love to fly but I hate the stress that usually comes with it. Nevertheless, the iPhone is a great little device and if you want to search for spicy stuff these little smartphones are just perfect; it is simple and discreet and you have it all in your own hand (!).

So there I was, in the no. 1 Airport lounge, Googling ‘nude massage in London’. Though Carezzia is currently my preferred agency in London for sensual nude massage, I was just curious to see if there were any new players on the market.

Not that I was considering to make a switch from Peaches to Pearl or from Carezzia to Cherries, no, it was just out of boredom and curiosity that I was looking around for any new masseuses and massage services in London.

The search turned up so many results that I pretty soon lost interest; some sites were loading so slow that I had to hit the back button. Actually what struck me most here was the wording to describe the service. In that respect Google has done a pretty good job to display also synonyms and plurals in its results.

So the search for ‘erotic massage London’ not only turned up listings with these 3 words in the search result, also plurals like erotic massages and synonyms of the keyword ‘erotic massage London’:
  • Sensual massage London
  • Sensuous massage London
  • Tantric massage London
  • Hand job in London
  • Happy ending massage London
  • Nude massage London
  • And many more
According to Google it appears anything erotic massage for adults is covered by the words erotic and tantric massage; I never realized that, but actually it is.

Erotic massage in London with a nude masseuse will get you a Tantric, sensual, nude, exciting sensuous and deep releasing, happily ending orgasmic massage experience – Do you get that?! Just type in the search bar ‘erotic massage London’ and you are on your way to happiness.

The most disappointing thing however is that not all results were quite relevant – I mean the search ‘nude massage in London’ was showing a number of porn sites and irrelevant adult directories too. But also lots of craigslist and back-pages results with a wide variety of erotic massage providers in London and elsewhere… 
Lots of trees make it hard to see the wood – no pun intended guys.

The bottom line is that London is one of the best cities in the world to enjoy an erotic massage – there is a huge supply of massage therapists to suit every taste and budget. In order to help Google find you the best results, i.e. the results that you need, I suggest to add a few more keywords to your search string.

‘incall erotic massage London’ will give you all the places in London where you can go to the masseuse’s place which is usually a house or apartment.

Want to stay home or want the massage in your hotel room in London? Just type ‘erotic massage London outcall’ or ‘visiting erotic massage London’ or better: ‘nude massage in hotel London’. 

The list of search strings is endless, but I think you understand the point. 
Be more precise in what you look for and type that in the search bar – you get better results and see more of the wood! Good luck.

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

What's Your Favourite Massage Service In London?

When I am in London for business, I frequently treat myself to a full body massage - naturist of course. There is nothing better than a fully nude erotic massage performed by a sexy, skilled, soft skinned masseuse.

In a previous post I already have made it clear that in London I have my favourites massage services - one of these London massage agencies, Carezzia, once had a slogan that said 'first try the rest, then come to the best'. And actually that is what I did.

I have used quite a few massage services in London over the past years and Carezzia London has never let me down. 

My second favourite massage servide in London, is Peaches Massage; it is my back up in case Carezzia is fully booked or does not have my preferred masseuse available.

Peaches has an abundance of girls on their books, but these great looking girls are not always 'on call'. Nevertheless, I never had to sing 'can get no satisfaction' when I booked my sensual massage via Peaches.

Peaches girls seem to have a bit more glamour - and a few more quid too. 

Carezzia's girls on the other side are all natural beauties, dedicated to their profession and always aiming to caress my stress. Though Carezzia's rates are steep, they are not overly expensive. 

Personally I believe that natural beauties and sensual massage are the best combination when it comes to privacy and discretion, so yes, Carezzia girls make me happy in every way.

As you probably know, there is 'stiff competition' in the erotic massage business in London. We all have our favourites, that is only human.

I wonder what are your favourite London massage services. Would you mind sharing that with me? Send me your comment and tell me your favourite London massage agency.

Like you, I am always open to new experiences.

Thursday, 20 June 2013

The Ultimate Body-to-Body Massage

A form of body-body massage that originates in Japan is the Nuru Massage. That is a fully nude body on body massage technique that has gained in popularity in recent years. It is a full body massage that manages to combine the naturally slippery properties of Nuru gel with the unbelievably erotic sensation of having two nude bodies sliding together.

It is described as the ultimate experience in sensuality. While other body to body massages may use warm massage oil as a lubrication, there are a few techniques and aspects of this type of massage that make it unique.

To begin with, Nuru Massage uses a very specific type of gel. It is crafted from an extract of Nori deep water seaweed, which has rejuvenating properties for the skin while at the same time providing a slippery base for the massage. One person plays the role of the masseuse in this type of massage, and they will coat their entire naked body in a slick layer of this specific gel.

Nuru gel is completely odourless, colourless, tasteless, and non-toxic, while at the same time full of skin boosting nutrients. Because it is largely water based, the gel is delicate enough even to use on the most sensitive, intimate body parts.
When you request a Nuru Massage from your masseuse, she will disrobe and cover herself completely with this Nuru gel. Simply watching her as she lubricates her curvaceous nude body will start your massage off with a titillating aspect, and you may find yourself already aroused with the anticipation of what is to come. In some cases, she will start by massaging you with her hands to ensure that you are fully relaxed before the body on body component of the massage begins. The massage will be fully enjoyed when both parties are completely nude, relaxed, and dedicated to pleasure.

In most cases, a Nuru Massage will take place on an airbed, because there is no friction on this surface. This allows the masseuse to glide effortlessly across your body. The sensation of smooth skin on your skin is incredibly sensual and intimate, taking you to a new erotic dimension. The massage will not simply be uncontrolled sliding around, however.
The masseuse will be highly skilled in manipulating her body into the right contortions to maximize your pleasure, touching you in just the right places to bring you to the edge of losing control time and time again.
The Nuru Massage is a completely unique, tantalizing experience that has to be experienced to truly understand. It allows the masseuse to transfer her positive sensual energy onto your skin, leaving you feeling completely revived, rejuvenated, and alive. The massage concludes with a full stress release, so that you can leave your worries behind.

Connoisseurs of the art of massage will want to try this relatively new form of erotic massage in the Western world. It is a uniquely erotic experience that stands apart from other forms of sensuous massage, getting you close to your masseuse and eliminating all stress from your body in only a short session.

So that all sound very exciting uh?! Well actually it is, but at the same time the Nuru Massage is overly hyped, especially in London.

For obvious practical reasons it can not be performed properly through a masseuse that visits you at your home or hotel. So, if you need the original Nuru massage you should go 'incall' - visit the apartment or studio of the massage therapist. And when you enter, keep your fingers crossed - as the majority of massage therapists here in London actually perform a traditional body-body massage with warm oil or other kind of slippery massage cream. And there is nothing wrong with that - on the contrary. Any kind of body-to-body massages that are done with passionate skills by a devoted masseuse are fabulously orgasmic.

But what I personally dislike most is all these ads and websites that promote Nuru massage but do not offer the real thing. I'd rather have a nude body-body massage by a devoted and skilled sensual therapist, than a Nuru massage from an uninterested, unskilled London masseuse who is more interested in Sterling than in sliding.

So, you already guessed it - I love the traditional nude body-body massage. And if I would like to experience a real Nuru massage, I simply would go to Japan - home of the Nuru massages. The real thing happens in Tokio!

I rest my case, but if you disagree with me, jus let me know - I love to hear from your experiences with Nuru masseuses in London.